What's Up?


Q: What's the story behind the five acres of bicycles right in the middle of Rye?

A: All Bikes is home to thousands of antique bicycles, according to owner Ron Adler. In the 31 years he's been in business, Adler estimates he's bought out some 20 bike shops, including a few in Payson.

He has everything from tricycles to antique pedal toys to Harleys and Indians. Several magazine articles have been written on All Bikes, including one that said it has "the most bikes in the universe in one place." Many tour groups have also visited.

"My dream is to one day have a bicycle museum," Adler said. In the meantime, you can buy parts or a complete bike during business hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

A big part of Adler's business comes from people who want to purchase a bike like the one they had as a kid.

"You come in and tell me what that was, and I can probably find it for you," he said.

But if you do, he recommends packing a lunch.

"It'll take you a couple hours to get through the place."

Q: Why are the drinking fountains and bathrooms near the multi-purpose field at Rumsey Park shut down? With little league and soccer in full swing, hundreds of people will be using the fields every night. When will they be turned back on?

A: They are on, as of Wednesday morning, Bill Schwind, parks director, said.

"They were closed for the winter," he said. "There were games scheduled for Tuesday night, and it was an oversight on our part."

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