What's Up?


Q: I was told a certain amount of processed waste water is being injected into Payson's drinking water. Is that true?

A: Absolutely not, Payson Public Works Director Buzz Walker said.

When asked to expand on his answer, Walker said, "How can I expand on, 'No.' Why would we do that? The appropriate term is reclaimed water and it is used for golf courses and lakes."

Q: I recently took my children to visit their grandmother at Payson Care Center and was told there are no children allowed. My question is why, since the receptionist could not give me an answer?

A: Tanaya Brown, who is one of the receptionists at Payson Care Center, said it must have been a misunderstanding.

"We recently had a sign on the door saying if you're ill please do not visit residents," Brown said. "With all the flu and colds going around we have been extra careful, and it works both ways. We don't want our patients to give something to children either."

Brown says that under normal circumstances, there are no restrictions on visitors.

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