Injustice Can Happen Anywhere



This letter pertains to the Our View, "It could have been you." (April 9, Roundup)

Roy Krone is not alone when it comes to injustice.

My son, David Fontinel, a Tempe businessman, was in Mexico when a Mexican pulled a gun on him with intent to murder and rob. They struggled over the gun, which went off, creasing the cheek and neck of the Mexican. David called the authorities to report the incident and secure medical aid for the injured Mexican, who was treated and released while David was sent to jail and then prison.

After a year in prison, he was allowed to speak to a judge, who has now sentenced David to 5 years and 3 months in prison in Mexico.

David Fontinel wants to warn any American who crosses the Mexican border that it "could happen to you, too."

Alice L. Fontinel, Payson

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