Knoell An Unselfish Volunteer



On behalf of the Whispering Pines Fire District, I would like to thank the Mesa del Fire Department, Gila County Sheriff's Office, LifeStar Ambulance, Medical Air Transport and Carl's Towing for their assistance during the incident involving our water tender last Saturday morning. Their professionalism and compassion toward our injured firefighter was greatly appreciated. Unfortunate events such as this remind us who our true partners are.

However, once again, this newspaper has proven that it has no interest in verifying facts and is only interested in publishing what it considers to be "the story."

Regrettably, reporter Mike Burkett felt it necessary to include impertinent information concerning our injured firefighter, Joe Knoell. Nowhere in the article did it mention that Joe was on fire district business, has been a volunteer firefighter for three years with Whispering Pines Fire District and is a certified EMT-B. He has unselfishly given hundreds of hours without compensation to the fire district.

The Whispering Pines Fire District wishes our fellow volunteer Joe Knoell a speedy recovery. He is in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott L. Buzan, Chief, Whispering Pines Fire District

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