Sexton Says 'Vote For Murphy'


Hey, Payson, our election is not over yet. Wakee, Wakee, Payson. We, the people of Payson must take the next step and elect the next mayor of our town.

If you didn't vote in the last election, then shame on you. We need you to get out and vote this time to make sure that one of our own gets elected.

If you are registered, but haven't voted for a long time, you still can vote. They do not take you off the roster until they know you have died. If you are still kicking, you can vote. We just can't assume that the next person will make the difference with their vote. We have to move out of our comfort zone and let our voice be heard.

I did not want either candidate to be elected for mayor, that is why I ran for the seat. Now we have to choose one, and that one is Ken Murphy. I believe that he is for the people of Payson, not just a select few. We, the "common folk" can make the difference and we do understand what is going on. We need and must want the man Ken Murphy, that will fight for us, not against us.

We cannot let May 21 go by without us being heard, loud and clear. Payson, let's take our town back. We can if we vote for that right.

Remember, when the people run the government, we have democracy. When the government runs the people, we have tyranny.

We need your vote. We can't take back our town unless you vote. You do count. A group of people is counting on you not to vote. So vote, Payson, vote for Murphy.

Early voting starts April 18 and election day is May 21.

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