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Q: As the parent of a child with special needs, I was devastated to hear the Payson Unified School District will not be having its community-wide Child Find this year. It's much appreciated and looked forward to by a great number of families, yet the superintendent and director of special services have decided not to continue it. Why?

A: Amber Marchant of PUSD Special Services said Child Find will be held at Julia Randall Elementary School by appointment only, Monday, June 3. Child Find is a process that helps identify and place exceptional children with special needs who might be eligible to participate in special education programs available under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A team of specialists will be there to screen children ages three to school age. District health service personnel will be doing vision and hearing screenings, and will also review immunization records. Service providers such as Headstart and Early Childhood Intervention will be represented as well.

"If you feel your child has special needs and would like to see if he or she qualifies call 472-5800 to schedule an appointment or to get your questions answered," Marchant said.

Q: If everything is donated to Goodwill, why are they charging such outrageous prices for used things?

A: Ninety cents of every dollar Goodwill takes in goes to support its job programs around the world, according to local Goodwill manager Joe Kane.

"There will always be somebody who sees it that way," Kane said, "but there's another way to look at it. The people who donate to Goodwill are doing so for several worthwhile reasons, and we want to make sure they are getting their fair value."

To do so, Goodwill tries to price items fairly at what they're worth.

"You can't compare a human service agency (like Goodwill) to regular thrift stores," Laurie Thomas, director of marketing for Goodwill of Central Arizona, said. "Many of them are for-profits and only return a small portion of those profits to the cause they represent."

Kane says Goodwill is celebrating its 100th anniversary in May and it will be observed here in Payson with a big in-store celebration.

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