Image Of Abandoned Dog Haunting



I had a heartbreaking experience today, right here in Payson. There is a dog walking along Beeline, he has been there about a week. He walks up to Airport Road, down to Forest, he has even been down as far as Bonita and then back again. This is probably the area he was dumped in and he is still there, waiting.

He is slowly starving to death even though some people leave food and water along his route. If he doesn't starve to death, he will sooner or later be crushed under a car.

His image haunts me. He walks with his head hanging down and his tail between his legs, so slowly. he must be exhausted and his poor ribs are sticking out.

Several people have tried to catch him, including the police, but he is so terrified, he just runs away.

The reason I am writing this letter is that I would like the person who did this to know the outcome. No happy ending here, on the contrary, a sad, heart-wrenching, slow and painful end. Did this poor dog do anything to deserve an end like this? Of course not. He and many, many others in the hands of someone who has no compassion, no heart and no mercy, and, most of all, no love in their soul.

I sincerely hope that his image haunts you as it haunts me. The main difference being that he haunts me with sadness and compassion, he will haunt you with everlasting guilt and pain.

Cherry Marrone, Payson

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