Rim Rep Returns With One-Act Plays


Rim Repertory Community Theater is back after a hiatus of nearly two years with a pair of one-act plays that open April 19 and continue April 20, 26 and 27.

"Keyboard Love," a humorous play written by Father Jim Stewart of Holy Nativity Cathedral, and "The Lamentable Affair of the Vicar's Wife," a comedy by Guida M. Jackson, will be presented at Crawford Hall, located behind the church at 1414 N. Easy St.

Stewart's play, the first one he has ever written, relates the tale of two single people, one from Strawberry and one from Payson, who meet and establish a relationship over the Internet.

Harold (Stewart) portrays himself as an investment broker who is "making a fortune in the market right now" and a fine physical specimen who played football in college. Betty (Aggie Peters) claims to be a "typical" beautician, a honey blonde who looks "pretty spiffy."

"Both characters build themselves into what they wish they were and what they wish the other person would see in them," Stewart said. They decide to meet at Green Valley Park where the closing scene takes place.

The second play is set in a middle-class English vicarage. The vicar's wife, Sybil, is played by Debra Allen. Kristin Crowley is Madge, a recently-divorced parishioner and friend whose ex-husband continues to embarrass her with his philadering.

When Sybil misses an Altar Guild meeting, Madge hurries to the vicarage to check on her well-being. There, in the "shabbily furnished" front room, she sets out to uncover why Sybil is so obviously distracted by something in the bedroom.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce or at the door. Curtain time is 7 p.m. for all four performances.

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