Sexton's Past Supporters Say 'Vote For White'


After reading the guest comment by Diane Sexton stating she supports Ken Murphy for mayor (April 12, Roundup), we felt we had to speak up.

Diane asked us to help her and we did because we needed political stimuli, we were curious to see how she would compete with two men of experience, and we felt she was honest. In Diane's campaign brochure she states, "Vote for Diana who will do what she says she will do."

We tried to help, but there was no organized campaign committee. We advised her and watched her debate, but she rarely took our advice.

Diane told us she was against both Murphy and White, but she said if she lost the primary, she would support Mr. White and would ask her followers to do the same. Why? Because she is a very religious woman and she believes Mr. White has good moral values, something very important to her. Also, at a meeting with Mr. White in her church, she promised him her support. We took her at her word.

But, she didn't keep her word. She explained she had the right to change her mind, and she does. She then told us that she would stay neutral because she intends to run for mayor again in two years. We tried to be understanding.

The three of us went to work helping Mr. White, as we said we would. Once more, Diane broke her promise. She didn't stay neutral, but is now publicly supporting Murphy. She has the right to change her mind if she chooses, but can we really believe anything she says anymore? We put our faith in the words of her brochure: "Vote for Diana who will do what she says she will do." But she didn't.

We ask you to vote for Jim White for mayor and we won't change our mind.

(Editor's note: Sexton admits she changed her mind and says she apologized to White for doing so. "I spoke out of turn before I prayed about it, thought about it and researched the facts," Sexton said. "I can't support Jim White and I told him so.")

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