No Easy Answers In Catholic Church Scandal


It's stunning how often you hear even from otherwise intelligent folks that the Roman Catholic church's monstrous and ever-expanding pedophilia scandal would be instantly solved if its priests were allowed to marry.

Even if weren't against basic church doctrine, that reversal of philosophy would do nothing to solve the problem.

Nor would this problem be solved if the church decided to stun the world by deciding to allow priests to marry members of their own sex.

One needn't be a detective to note that these are not men who are acting out their repressed desires for consensual adult sex of any sort.

These are pedophiles.

These are sexual predators who view their most primitive sexual wants as vastly more important than the lives of the children they molest.

These are savage criminals whose victims could not be more innocent, who could not be more helpless, who could not be more vulnerable to the emotional trauma that is savagely inflicted upon them.

The brand of thinking that comes up with the idea that an old-fashioned wedding ceremony would have prevented these horrors is, frankly, idiotic.

It's much the same knuckleheaded thought process that produces the "solution" of quietly moving unrepentant serial pedophiliacs to another job in another town with new, unmolested children.

Pedophilia is a crime, and rightly so.

Protecting criminals is a crime, and rightly so.

And protecting pedophiliacs?

That, too, is a moral outrage one that has created more victims within the church than pedophilia itself.

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