Water Report Conclusion A Fallacy



According to (the town water) department's upcoming water status report, Payson has sufficient water in its aquifers to meet all the demands until the year 2021, predicated on long-term average natural recharge.

What a fallacy, considering the fact that our natural recharge may, and probably will be minuscule at best.

Is (Public Works Director Buzz) Walker cognizant of the fact that we are at the mercies of nature, over which we have no control?

For starters, our weather is caused by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and currently we are in a 20- to 30-year very dry period, which will be followed by a very wet 20- to 30-year period. And, if we do not receive an appreciable amount of moisture in the form of rain or snow, the Town of Payson will be facing an extremely serious problem.

As a very old gentleman who has lived all over the West for lo these 86 years, from Canada to Mexico and from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, I learned early on that everything west of the Mississippi, excluding the Pacific Northwest, fell into two categories arid and semi-arid and Arizona certainly falls into the arid category.

Pray for rain.

C.H. Henline, Payson

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