What's Up?


Q: What age do you have to be to deliver papers for the Roundup?

A: Like many mountain and rural communities where homes are often great distances from one another, the Roundup uses only adult carriers. Issues of safety, security and liability dictate this policy. Roundup carriers must be 18 or over and have an insured vehicle.

Q: I've heard various stories about vandalism happening during the night being one of reasons the town is talking about closing the skate park. Why isn't the park being patrolled more during the hours this is happening?

A: "If I could pinpoint when the vandalism is happening, it wouldn't be a problem," Bill Schwind, town parks director, said.

The vandalism includes, but is by no means limited to, restroom stall doors kicked in and porcelain fixtures broken, signs with rules for using the park torn down, and 15 picnic tables destroyed.

As for increasing patrols at Rumsey Park, Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department says they are doing the best they can.

"We have an awful lot of area to cover and try to prioritize our calls," Engler said. "Those that involve human life or the risk of injury get the highest priority."

While the police try to support the parks whenever they can, Engler says he doesn't think the department has received an inordinate number of calls about damage at the park.

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