Former Councilmember Says 'Vote For Murphy'



I don't usually, publicly, endorse a candidate for office because I feel people are intelligent enough to do their own research; but our upcoming election for mayor and one more council member is so very important this year, that I fell I must speak out for Ken Murphy.

Having been a former council member, from 1990 to 1994, I know that it takes a year to a year-and-a-half to know the procedures and rules of the state and of the Town of Payson. We are a town, not a city, and are governed differently.

Ken has had eight years of experience as a council member and could easily slide into the mayoral position without missing a step and right now, that is important because we are experiencing rapid growth with water problems.

Also, he is a younger, more energetic candidate for this job. We will have three new councilmembers who will be in a learning mode, it's important that our mayor have experience.

I also endorse Robert Henley for the remaining council seat and let me tell you why. I just left the Planning and Zoning Commission after six years and Robert attended not only our 7 a.m. work study meetings, where he could not be a participant but could only listen to the questions and answers, but he attended the 4 p.m. public hearings as well. I found his questions to be articulate and intelligent and his attendance at these meetings showed he was truly interested in our town.

The most important message I have for you is: However you feel, please get out and vote.

Ruth V. Craig, Payson

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