It Took Courage To Change Her Mind



I read with interest the letter sent by Diane Sexton supporting Ken Murphy and then the follow-up letter sent by three of Ms. Sexton's former supporters. I have never met any of them.

It seems to me that it must have taken great courage for Ms. Sexton to publicly change her mind from supporting Mr. White to supporting Mr. Murphy. I can understand Ms. Sexton's former supporters' feelings of disappointment in her final decision. But I would rather support someone who has the wisdom to see the error of their ways and the courage to take the necessary steps to correct their mistake. Someone who is unwilling to publicly admit to any mistakes in judgment does not represent the type of qualities I would envision for mayor of Payson.

I understand she has apologized to those whom she has disappointed. That, too, requires courage. Further, she spelled out in clear language why she made her decision. She is supporting a candidate that has a long history of supporting Payson, rather than a newcomer who could not possibly have the same grasp of local issues or even the same goals that most Paysonites would desire for their community.

Probably neither Mr. White nor Mr. Murphy would qualify as saints. So instead we have two very real human beings running for this office. I, for one, am going to vote for straight talk and courage.

Pat Rollins, Payson

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