Payson Deserves Robert Henley



The Town of Payson needs and deserves the highest quality of decision-makers. Therefore, I am voting for Robert Henley for town council, and urge other residents to support this candidate.

This decision is based upon observing and working with Robert Henley on activities related to improvement of the quality of life for the residents of Payson. This decision has not been attained overnight, nor is it based upon political positioning. Thus, I would like to briefly explain the basis for this request and recommendation.

A few months ago I was working through the application process of obtaining a Conditional Use Permit for a local nonprofit service-providing organization. During the legal notification phase of this activity, I was provided with names of property owners and property users within prescribed boundaries. Within that list was the name of Robert Henley, interested citizen (and did not live within the defined boundaries). My first reaction was one of negative instinct here is a person that needs something to do, so picks apart anything that he can to create roadblocks. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I have learned that Robert Henley has a genuine interest in Payson. He tries to assist with identifying and representing needs of the citizens of Payson, and has demonstrated his excellent ability to assess the facts relating to a given situation, thus doing his best to render an objective decision and/or recommendation.

Robert Henley maintains those qualities that I look for and desire in public servants. I truly believe he will continually strive to serve the Town of Payson residents, much like a servant would, rather than be driven by exterior forces and personal gain.

Please help me vote Robert Henley into the office of councilmember for the Town of Payson.

Hoyt Kenmore, Payson

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