Quick Response Saved Community



This (recent house fire in Tonto Village) would certainly have been catastrophic without the professional and immediate reaction of our volunteer fire department.

Firefighters were able to keep the fire contained and saved all the surrounding homes. This was no small feat, as among other dangers, a pine tree was on fire and a propane tank was involved. Had the fire jumped, there is no doubt a large portion of Tonto Village would have been destroyed.

Our mutual-aid partners from Christopher-Kohl's were called at the onset and came on the scene with backup water and personnel that helped mop up the inferno.

My house and other buildings were in a hazardous position, along with my neighbors', but thanks to the efficiency of firefighters, nothing was harmed.

In my opinion, the Tonto Village Fire District Board of Directors should recognize the individuals who participated and at the very least send them an official letter of thanks.

Jim Ballard, Tonto Village

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