What's Up?


Q: I watched a man in an older model brown truck stop across from my home and stick one of those "I lost 40 pounds" lose weight signs next to the road. Are there any rules or regulations concerning this blight?

A: Yes, and the responsibility for enforcing them falls mainly on the shoulders of Steve Hansen of the town's Planning and Zoning Department.

"They are illegal," Hansen said. "Violators can be fined up to $50 per violation for putting one up. It falls under criminal littering."

Hansen says he spends way too much time on the problem, but the town doesn't want Payson to end up looking like Phoenix, where such signs clutter most major intersection.

"They must do it at night," Hansen said. "I take them down one day and they're back up the next."

Q: I'd like to know what the town rule is about abandoned vehicles parked on town streets, especially when they have expired tags or no tags at all?

A: A state law covers that problem, according to Payson Police Department Lt. Don Engler.

"It expresses that a person shall not abandon a vehicle on private property or public land," Engler said. "We normally tag it for at least 48 hours if it's not creating a hazard. If it is, we tow it immediately."

If the vehicle is not moved, it is impounded by a towing company. If it's not claimed, the towing company works with the state motor vehicle department to obtain title so it can be disposed of.

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