Let's Support Our Teenagers



After attending the meeting regarding the skateboard park, I came away with a great respect for the youth who chose to stand up for what they care about. It was great to see so many kids willing to take a stand for something they believe in and do so in such a respectful manner.

I hope the advisory board and recreation department realize the skate park supplies a needed area for the alternative sport that a large number of kids participate in.

Let's support this group of kids by allowing them the facilities they need.

The one need that was uncovered during the meeting was a desire for a bike park. After a few comments that were made during the meeting, I would encourage those bike enthusiasts to put their efforts into working toward the goal of a bike park and respecting the fact that the skate park is for boards and skates, not bikes. Don't ignore the rules of the skate park by taking your bikes in. Your persistence could mean the removal of the park which means a large group of kids who lobbied to get somewhere to skate will end up being punished for your abuse of the rules. Why don't a group of you bike enthusiasts get together with the recreation department and see what steps you can take to get a bike facility in place?

One other item that arose was the problem of loud music which seemed to be blamed on the skaters. I have used the park facilities for years and can guarantee that not all the loud music comes from this group of kids. Cars pull up, open the doors and play music while they practice softball, visit with friends, play volleyball or picnic.

Let's support these kids and show them we care.

Jackie Byler, Payson

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