Straight Talk About Mayoral Candidates



As a Payson resident for 13 years and past president for St. Vincent DePaul Payson Food Bank and active in many functions in Payson, I'd like to say and compare a few things about both candidates.

First, Ken Murphy an active town councilman for eight years, a people's councilman. He always took time to help others; listened to all on both sides of an issue; supported new police station, fire station, library; initiated first hospice in Payson, first cardiac rehab program and paramedic base station; voted against sales tax increase and water rate hikes.

Along with all this, he took time to support those less fortunate. I would often receive checks or cash from Ken to help (the food bank). He has always been there when needed.

Now, Jim White he talks about all his achievements, verifies none of them. President Reagan Task Force I doubt it, show me. Arizona congressman what did you accomplish?

It seems to me, Mr. White, your biggest accomplishment is talking. From president's task force to congressman to running for mayor of Payson aren't they all a step in the wrong direction?

I personally like a proven candidate.

Joe Calderone, Payson

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