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Q: I'm wondering if you know what happened to all the ducks and geese that used to be at Green Valley Park? There are so few left. I'm hoping something humane was done with them.

A: The migratory ducks and geese flew the coop on their own, reports Parks Director Bill Schwind. They've headed back to colder climes now that the winter is over.

"We haven't implemented any reduction program," Schwind said.

The ducks and geese that are left are considered domestic, and their numbers are within the Arizona Game and Fish Department's recommended safe range. Schwind said the goal is to keep it that way.

"We're working on a campaign with town water specialist Karen Probert to educate people on feeding them," he said. "These ducks are going to survive on their own, and feeding them is quite unnecessary.

"We also have to do things within our park to make it a little more unattractive for them to come. We've built them an ideal situation with water for them to land on and nice gentle slopes for them to exit the water. We also need to focus on the habitat areas, including the balconies under the town homes. Hopefully by doing some things like that we can keep the migratory numbers in check as well."

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