Mom Jailed When Child Admits Use Of Marijuana


A 22-year-old Payson mother was arrested Wednesday after her 8-year-old son confided to a school resource officer that she had smoked marijuana in front of him and that he had smoked it, too.

Cierra Bluebird-Roy was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse. As of Monday afternoon, she was still in Payson Jail.

According to Payson Police Detective Steve Johnson, the boy lives with his former stepfather. He visited his mother Tuesday, and somehow got lost in her neighborhood. Police picked the third-grader up and drove him around until Bluebird-Roy's house was located.

The next day, School Resource Officer Jason Hazelo contacted the boy to determine his welfare. During that conversation, Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner said, the boy told Hazelo that on the same day he had become lost, he had "smoked marijuana out of a pipe with his mother."

Hazelo, who has completed drug recognition expert training, performed some physical tests on the child and "found there were some symptoms that weren't conclusive, but consistent with drug usage," Gartner said.

The officers began their investigation of Bluebird-Roy, and soon collected enough information for a search warrant.

Bluebird-Roy admitted using marijuana to the arresting officers, Gartner said, and also to leaving her pipe out where it would have been available to her son.

"I think it's absolutely horrendous," Gartner said. "In my estimation, this is very serious child abuse ... In these circumstances, everybody in the system the school, the courts, the police, society has a duty to protect that child and do what we can."

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