Respect It, Or Lose It



We would like to thank all of the young adults and adults who attended the parks and recreation meeting in regards to the skate park. We thought there were valid reasons brought to the meeting, with the best suggestion of moving the swing set/playground in lieu of moving the $88,000 skate park.

We suggest to the teens, perhaps a fund-raiser or actually volunteering to help with the labor of the move themselves, would be a way for them contributing to their request of keeping the park there.

Also, a separate bike park should be built. A few mounds of dirt to begin with would probably suit their needs for a while.

We were puzzled by the comments from Mr. Wilson, board member, at the end of the meeting in regards to his grandson who had called the police department to report some problems at the skate park and was told that he had to be 18 years and older to report any problems or complaints. That is like saying our 12-year-old or teenager couldn't call in a burglary or vandalism problem in our neighborhood because they weren't old enough. Something is definitely wrong with that and should be looked into.

Just keep in mind the words from Mr. Reese at the close of the meeting. This is your park, our park and to show some "ownership" in it. Report problems; tell the kids who are messing with stuff to just knock it off. Take pride with what you have, so that you don't lose it.

Mark and Diane Monty, Payson

(Editor's note: According to Police Chief Gordon Gartner, there is no age restriction on people calling 911 to report a problem.)

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