White, Henley The Men To Elect



The voters of Payson have an opportunity to put the frosting on the cake by voting for Jim White for mayor and Robert Henley for town council. Both candidates have the ability and desire to work with the current town council and council-elect Judy Buettner and Dick Reese, to eliminate the divisiveness that has hampered the town councils and mayors of the past.

Jim White takes very seriously the responsibilities of an elected official, as he has a proven track record in government. Jim has done his homework on the issues facing Payson in the future, such as water management, growth planning, community development, economic development, and many other issues that must be faced by our town government.

Jim was the first candidate for mayor who called for year-round water conservation as part of his water management program, which was recently backed by the 2002 Town of Payson Groundwater Management report. This was not a guess on Jim's part, because he had spent time with the staff of the water department. Jim is probably the only candidate for mayor who spent many hours with department heads and staff of all departments at town hall.

Robert Henley has also completed his homework by attending town council meetings, planning and zoning and advisory board meetings, as well as the Technical Advisory Committee for the town's General Plan Update. Robert has also spent many hours with department heads and staff at town hall, educating himself on important issues we face in Payson. This is all part of the process that Robert feels is needed to promote open communication and collaboration by the town council. He pledges to consider all viewpoints before making a decision as a council member.

Jim White and Robert Henley may not always agree on all issues facing the town in the future, but they do agree to at least create a dialog to discuss the issues, and consider what is best for all of Payson's citizens, regardless of their wealth status, political position, a homeowner, builder, developer, business owner or Realtor.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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