Columnist Makes Splash At Local Creek



Last week, my husband and I were so excited about getting back to fishing ... that I fell in.

The worst part was that last year, I fell in exactly the same spot, so I should have been more careful of those slippery rocks; but of course that was the last thing on my mind, especially when I had a good-size trout on my line. It almost got away from me, but I held on to it, sprained wrist and all.

After a week of pain and discolored skin, my wrist is getting better, and I am again looking forward to going out to catch more fish.

My husband tells me that falling in the creek is a part of fishing; he says that "If you haven't fallen in, it hasn't been a good fishing trip."

I am now fully initiated into creek fishing.

Rainy day football

The rain this past week has been truly a blessing. In just a few days, I have noticed how green everything has become. Tom Dunning, manager of Camp Tontozona, called me Thursday evening. He said that he had looked out his window during the rainstorm and instead of seeing the football field, he saw a lake. The football field was covered over with at least an inch of water. By the way Tom, I hope you enjoyed your birthday party last week.

Tonto Village Fire District News

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger announced that all fire restrictions have been lifted. It is still a good idea if you let your local fire district know if you will be burning pine needles, etc. Call your local fire station and let them know and they will pass it on to the fire tower. They need to know that it is a controlled burn and not a wildfire.

Bob and Elvera Jones will be hosting a "Check Point Barbecue" this Saturday at their home for all the people who helped man the checkpoint during the fire season. Barbecued beef will be provided, and you are asked to bring a covered dish.

Call Bob or Elvera at 478-4504 for the location and the time.

There will be a meeting of the Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary Saturday at 10 a.m. at the fire station. The main topic of the meeting will be the Labor Day celebration. Please come and support this event. We need bodies to help or it will have to be canceled.

Pool Shots

The big winners for Tuesday's 9-ball tournament were Ethel Cain, Grace Daniels and Pat Bates. Sunday, by the time the chalk dust settled, Linda Stailey came out on top followed by Peter Speiss and Harvey Poyner. Congratulations to all the winners.


There is only one birthday to celebrate this week in the village. Glen Shaw added another candle to his birthday cake July 31.

Lost and Found Department

A handheld CB radio was found by one of the Villagers last week. If you lost one, call me at 478-4606 and identify it and you can have it back.

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