Council Deserves Our Applause



I have been taken aback by your recent editorials in opposition of the town of Payson's decision to attempt to stimulate the town's sluggish economy by advertising Payson's attributes in the primary market that can provide new revenue to the town's businesses. Our local businesses then in turn provide sales and bed tax revenue to the town. As a longtime advertiser in your paper, it is interesting to see how little value you place on your own product.

Our town council heroically supported this funding plan in conjunction with a wide variety of efforts under way to help the town rescue itself from drastically decreased sales revenues. Local businesses have had to invest more judiciously, yet aggressively to survive. The chamber of commerce is aggressively seeking opportunities to generate stories in the media about the Payson region. Volunteers are working to organize events like the wonderfully successful volunteer recognition barbecue and our upcoming Payson rodeo and also to save the Tonto Natural Bridge from closing.

As part of an overall strategy to support our tax base, the town council deserves our applause to make the tough decision to invest in the town's tax base and economic well-being at a time of crisis.

The aggravated complacency demonstrated by the Roundup makes me wonder why you couldn't or wouldn't present a better idea of what to do with this amount of money to support the business community, which in turn supports the town. In any event, I think it's time for the community to do all that it can to save our tax base to sustain our community services.

Thanks to the town council for being bold in this difficult time and investing where it is needed most.

Cliff Potts, Payson

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