Money Is Not The Answer To Everything



May I submit a rebuttal to the comments (made in the editorial, Roundup, July 23) "It takes a village(*) ... and money ..."

  • Quoting Hillary Clinton's philosophy is a moot point, to begin but that's another issue.

In the (editorial) the suggestion was made "... and yes, money is a big part of the answer ..." NO! Why, because all that's thought of today is to raise taxes. This is NOT and NEVER will be the answer.

Consider this: How is raising taxes (which has been happening, perpetually) going to take care of 1) "... children wearing the same clothes ...", (who reportedly) 2) "... seldom take baths ...", 3) "... go home to empty houses ...", etc.? The problem, of course, basically is careless, irresponsible parents. What is the answer?

Note this: "... glory of children are their fathers ..." Prov. 17:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go ..." Prov. 22:6. Children are a blessed "heritage" of the Lord; oh, that we had more parents in our land that heed and believe this.

What do more taxes and their attendant controls over family life lead to? As seen in results of our present education system more and more rebellion of our precious future commodity a God-fearing nation of parents is what we really need! How to achieve that that is the question.

C.W. Jones, Payson

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