Public Was Not Adequately Informed About Water Restrictions



I read a very troubling answer to the question, "Has any written notice been sent out to Payson residents about the water situation and the restrictions that are in place?" (What's Up? Roundup, July 30)

The answer from Buzz Walker was useless, stating that this subject was referred to on residents' water bills, and that other than that, every resident can traipse on down to the water department to find out the details of restrictions everyone is expected to adhere to.

I couldn't believe it. If there are restrictions in place, and residents of Payson are supposed to know about them, one mass mailing would do the trick. If the town government is seriously concerned about the loss of underground water, then they should be responsible about it.

The Pine/Strawberry Fire Department printed up serious fire (prevention) restrictions, some of them with $2,500 fines. However, they failed to do a mass mailing to Pine and Strawberry, so hardly anyone knew this full-page list was being enforced. Shame on them, too. If it's serious enough to apply restrictions to, then it is important enough to mail to each resident.

Ginger Jeffers, Pine

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