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Q: I got a tax extension back in April and my return is due Aug. 15. Can I still donate $5 to Clean Elections?

A: Absolutely, says Emily Lines of the Citizens Clean Election Commission. Just mark the box entitled "Clean Elections Fund Tax Reduction" on the first page of your Arizona income tax return form. And it's $10 for married people filing jointly.

The commission implements and oversees the Citizens Clean Elections Act passed by voters in 1998. Designed to level the financial playing field by reducing the influence of special interest monies, participating candidates gather a minimum number of $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters, agree to participate in "required" debates, and follow strict spending and contribution limits including not accepting special interest contributions.

If you check the box your refund will increase by $5 or $10, and if you owe money to the state the amount will be reduced by $5 or $10.

For more information, you can reach the commission at (877) 631-8891.

Q: Why doesn't the town of Payson put a stop sign or traffic control signal between the Amazing 99 Cent Store and Wells Fargo Bank? It's a very dangerous three-way intersection.

A: "That's private property, and the town does not get involved in traffic control on private property," LaRon Garrett, public works engineer, said.

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