Town Oks $34 Million Budget


The town's $34 million budget won council approval last week.

Mayor Ken Murphy said he was astounded that the council was taking action regarding spending that much money and there was no public interest.

The council chamber was virtually empty and the few people in the audience were silent.

Before the unanimous approval, the council discussed the plans for new personnel.

Murphy said he wanted to see additional fire personnel added instead of creating a new position at the water department.

The water department proposal would provide for someone to assist the town's hydrologist. It was the only new position included in the budget.

Three other new positions will be paid for out of other funds: salary for an additional library clerk will come from county library money; salary for a records clerk for the police department will be paid with money that would otherwise be used to pay dispatchers overtime to do records work; and the salary for a part-time secretary for the Main Street program will be paid with money from Payson's Community Development Block Grants, according to Glenn Smith, chief financial officer for the town.

The council finally approved the budget after Interim Town Manager Kelly Udall and Smith assured them the approval did not mean the water department post would be filled immediately.

The council also had two public hearings on the primary and secondary taxes for the coming year.

Currently, the projected primary property tax rate will be 29 cents per $100 assessed valuation; the secondary property tax rate is expected to be 9.3 cents per $100 of net assessed amount of full cash value.

The following shows the differences between what the various departments spent last year and what has been budgeted for them for the 2002-2003 fiscal year.

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