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Q: It's pretty obvious that forest fires are named according to the area the fire is in, but who decides what the name will be?

A: Yes, fires are named according to a geographic feature from the area where they're located. The name is usually selected by the dispatch office of the forest where they're located, according to Bob Ortlund, fire management officer for the Payson Ranger District.

"The dispatch office keeps a record of the names of fires so we don't end with two fires with the same name," Ortlund said. "You don't want a situation where you name a fire the Pine Fire because it's on Pine Mountain, and then three months later we've forgotten it and we name a fire on a different Pine Mountain the Pine Fire."

Q: I just heard that the Payson Town Council is considering putting speed bumps on Forest between the Beeline and McLane. Most people drive very carefully on Forest so why would they single that street out?

A: They haven't. Payson Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett says a resident who lives on Forest broached the subject with the town, but it's apparently not going anywhere.

"By all the criteria I can find, Forest does not qualify for speed bumps," Garrett said. "At this point the town has no intention of installing them."

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