Bears, Elk, And Now Mountain Lions



We all know there are a few bears in the area, and many of us have elk eating in our back yards, but when we hear about a mountain lion that's a little scary.

I ran into Marge Matus at Wal-Mart and she was telling me she saw a mountain lion out in front of her place this week. It was between Creekside Restaurant and the cabins. She said it was scratching its claws on a tree. Marge said she had to do a double take on that one. When she looked at it she said it was a small cat but nevertheless it was a mountain lion. So, we all need to watch our little ones and if you have small pets keep an eye on them. Hopefully it left the area and we won't have to hear about it anymore.

It is that time of year again and the Fire Belles are meeting to elect new officers and board members. They will have a salad potluck Thursday, August 15 at noon at the firehouse. President Penny Wells says if the Fire Belles are to have a future in the community they need to discuss what their future holds and how they are going to continue to function. This is very important and they hope you all will attend and bring your ideas and suggestions. Penny says that the Fire Belles have been a functioning part of our community for many years and they need people who are willing to take on the responsibility of carrying on the torch. So join them and have lunch. The Fire Belles will provide the bread and dessert. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Christopher-Kohl's Fire Board has elected Bob Conklin for the clerk position on the Governing Fire Board. After interviewing many individuals for the open position they feel that Bob has the experience and dedication to fill this position. They welcome Bob and look forward to working with him.

Congratulations are in order for Jeff Daniels who is the newest EMT for the Fire Department. He soared through the top of the class and passed the National Registry the first try. According to Chief Kent Courtney this is no easy task, and he wants to thank Jeff for making the commitment and becoming an EMT to better serve the community.

There is a joint effort between the Regional Payson Area Project and the fire department to put in a burning pit for the community. One that would be very much welcome.

There seems to be an infestation of skunks in the area. Don Millett on Apple Lane has way too many around his home and found seven babies on his deck the other day. He has asked the Fire Cadets to help him out trapping them so they can be relocated to another area.

Chief Courtney says that rabies are prevalent in the Flagstaff area, and there is an over-population of skunks there. We have to be extra careful.

Please do not put out food scraps for the animals. It attracts every kind of animal and we do not need rabid animals in the area to put our children and pets in danger.

I missed a couple of August birthdays, Robert Kincanon, the 4th, Randy Slapnicka, the 16th, Paul Koivisto, the 28th, and Penny Wells, the 29th. Happy birthday.

Saturday, 2 p.m., the Ponderosa Springs Area Property Homeowners Association meets at Station 53. They will be discussing cleaning up the forest and disaster escape routes. Just because we have been getting rain some people think it is safe.

So does the forest really need to be thinned or is it OK like it is? Perhaps those 100-foot flames from the Rodeo-Chediski Fire answer the question best. What do you think? Ask Fire Chief Kent Courtney.

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