Volunteers Helped Make It Happen



As a participant on the town of Payson and Northern Gila County evacuation planning committee, I would like to especially thank all those who worked so hard the first three days at the evacuation center to get the job done.

As (the Rodeo-Chediski Fire) unfolded, there were needs far beyond so many of our expectations; however, a core group of people said it could be done, and did it with an army of volunteers. The tenacity, resourcefulness, knowledge and willingness of these people were awesome. From the Northern Gila County Fire Chief's Association for the cots and sleeping bags the first night, to the willingness of staff at both Manzanita Manor and Payson Care Center to accept those with special needs, to the generosity of Life Star Ambulance for assistance, to the local fire departments, Walgreens, Apothecary Shop and Payson Regional Medical Center for supplies and to the Tonto Apache Reservation for the 10 foot baths so eagerly accepted by the firefighters at Camp Ponderosa, thank you.

It was an honor to be a part of the urgent care clinic and see the professionalism displayed by the 65+ volunteers. These volunteers only wanted to provide prompt, courteous, compassionate care to the people that needed assistance and they did it with commitment. This model of care is something we as Rim country residents need to be proud of.

I cannot begin to thank each and every one by name, but I would like to mention a handful. Thanks to Dr. Ray Hatch; to Judy Hood and Laurie Lindel from Life Star Ambulance; Mark Yampol from Manzanita Manor, to Ellen Stewart from Payson Care Center; Charlie Smith from Life Star Ambulance; Mary Walsh, FNP; Kyle Denman, PA; Dr. Mark Mouritsen, Dr. David Glow, Dr. Alfonso Munoz; the pharmaceutical companies for medications and to Marion Cobo for being there when I could not.

Special thanks to those who volunteered and did not have an opportunity to participate; your name is in the database for next time. And, to each of the other volunteers, I thank you for all your professionalism and support, which you unselfishly gave in concert with each other.

Lastly, my hat goes off to Sgt. Tom Tieman and each one of the people who worked so tirelessly the first few days. Thanks to Bobette Sylvester, and all the other school employees for opening doors, rebooting computers and cleaning floors. And, a special thanks to RTA Hospice and Palliative care for allowing me to be a part of this event.

I stand in awe of those who saw the need and said, "this can be done."

Lorna Hansen, RN, PCC, RTA Hospice and Palliative Care

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