'Family Life' Act A Waste Of Taxpayer's Money



Some Arizona voters might be interested to know that Congressman Ed Pastor is a co-sponsor of H.R. 3469 the "Family Life Education Act" which would appropriate $500 million for states to implement comprehensive sex education over the next five years. (Pity the poor teachers.)

Given the dismal failure of sex education so far, it seems ridiculous to pump in another $500 million of taxpayers' hard-earned money which will surely promote or result in: contraception, abortion, alternative lifestyles, teen pregnancy, single moms, sexually transmitted diseases, unmarried couples living together, school dropouts, poverty and welfare dependency.

Since around 1963 when prayer went out of schools and sex ed came in, unmarried couples living together increased 353 percent, unwed births 553 percent, sexually transmitted diseases 226 percent, and divorce 117 percent.

If this bill is not vigorously opposed we may expect to see repeats of what happened April 4 at Arcata High School in Calif. where Planned Parenthood was invited (without parental notice or written parental consent) to address the freshman class on sex education. The presentation actually focused, however, on "homophobia" and homosexuality.

Christian students with the courage to admit that their faith taught that homosexuality was wrong and sinful were physically singled out and humiliated, violating both state and federal law and precipitating a possible lawsuit against the school.

Don't wait until it happens here. Write Congressman Pastor (U.S. House of Representatives, Room 2465, Washington, DC 20515) and request that he withdraws his co-sponsorship and opposes H.R. 3469.

Carol Suhr, Pine

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