Private Sector Should Be Offered Some Parks


Letter to Rep. Jake Flake

Dear Jake,

Re: Your recent confrontation with the Arizona State Parks Administration, I urge that you seriously and aggressively pursue the sale of certain state parks to the private sector. This is particularly the case with the Tonto Natural Bridge north of Payson.

If the natural bridge were managed by professional entertainment people, with marketing know-how and experience in catering to the public, it would attract a much larger clientele.

Besides, the state obviously needs the money that the sale would generate, and the sale of the natural bridge and several other parks would permit the state to save money into the future by reducing the staffing of the parks department.

The public would not be disadvantaged, in fact, a much larger segment of the public would be served. Probably the best comparison is the natural bridge in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson purchased this property from George III in 1774, and it has been in private hands ever since. I assume that it is profitable, as the grounds are well maintained.

It seems to me that this sale would be a win-win for everybody.

Dan Adams, Payson

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