Guardians Of The Rodeo


When the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo tips off Aug. 15, the competition will feature top notch bullfighters and clowns whose goals are to both protect the cowboys and entertain the fans.

On hand will be Shane Dunnam and Ben Lee.

The traditional garb of Lee, a native of Macon, Ga., is a purple and white striped shirt, baggy pants, silverbelly hat and over-the-calf white socks.

The clothes make him easy to spot in the arena.

A PRCA member since 2001, the 25-year-old Lee will bring to the August Doin's the experience of having been a saddle bronc rider himself. In 2002, he qualified for the Southeastern Circuit Finals in the event.

When not riding saddle broncs or fighting bulls, Lee works in the telecommunication field.

Lee attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, is single, and lists hunting and playing the guitar as his hobbies.

When Dunnam, is not in the rodeo arena he enjoys snowboarding, hunting and riding bucking horses and bulls.

Born in Odessa, Texas, the 21-year-old Dunnam also works in the construction field.

Among his achievements are winning the Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association freestyle bullfighting championship in 2000. He's also been a CPRA Finals bullfighter on two occasions.

California bullfighter/clown Bert Davis will bring to Payson several specialty acts including the garbage man nightmare, the Motley Crew five-goat liberty performance and Tony, the French poodle.

To tell more about the acts would be premature but fans can rest assured all are designed to tickle their fancy,

Davis has the honor of being the youngest bullfighter in the PRCA when he joined the organization in 1974.

Now 44-years-old, Davis will wear in Payson long baggy pants, a colorful shirt and full face makeup. On occasions he'll be seen in a variety of wigs and hats.

Davis has worked several finals rodeos in the Prairie and Sierra Circuits.

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