Meteor Makes Brief Rim Country Appearance


As Suzane Bishop was laying in a hammock in the yard of her north Payson home Wednesday night, the last thing she expected was to get the show of a lifetime.

But that's what happened at about 9:45 p.m. when "a huge, bright yellow light that seemed about half the size of the moon" raced across the sky from south to north.

"It was so big and seemed so close that, when it went behind the trees, I kept waiting to hear the sound of impact, but I never heard anything," she said Thursday.

As it turns out, Bishop wasn't the only northern Arizonan lucky enough to be looking skyward at that moment. Bruce Koehn, a research scientist at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, said that his office has received calls from stunned skywatchers as far south as Payson and as far north as the Grand Canyon.

"It was a meteor, I'm sure; a space rock that came close to earth and, in fact, entered the atmosphere," Koehn said.

"There have been no reports of impact," he added.

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