Tip Your Hat To Rodeo Committee


A rodeo doesn't just happen. It takes a whole year to bring all the elements together to put on the pageantry, production and dust-boiling, heart-stopping, high speed events.

And all that work rests on the broad shoulders of a group of hard-working, generous volunteers who make up the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee and Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce.

It's true that some of these volunteers have been putting on the rodeo for so long they are professionals at it. In fact, many of them could probably write books about the process.

To hear them talk about all the details of the various aspects of the Payson Pro Rodeo, and its plethora of accompanying events, is enough to boggle the minds of most people. But to these community-spirited individuals, it is almost second nature.

Invitations and announcements have to be made months in advance to attract rodeo contestants, royalty contestants, vendors, and parade entries. Countless hours are spent recruiting sponsors to help pay the bills.

Stock and feed contractors have to be hired.

Special events must be arranged, which include finding a site, getting the food and entertainment lined up, plus making sure things are set up and dismantled and cleaned up in a timely manner.

There also is the task of meeting the needs of the participants and spectators. Sometimes special arrangements must be made for contestant rooms.

Getting the parade entries lined up and down the road is another big task. Getting the grand entries at the rodeo arena in place is almost as challenging, if not more so.

The grand entry participants need to know their stuff, which includes being able to carry flags, control their horses and get around the arena at a fast clip so the rodeo gets started when it is supposed to.

All of these things, and more, are in the hands of the good volunteers of the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee and the chamber.

These people are the backbone of the community's biggest event, so doff those Stetsons when you see them and say thanks for the great show.

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