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Q: Did Arizona State University pay the town for the use of the synthetic field at Rumsey park for the two football practices they had there? Isn't that a lot of wear and tear on our new field?

A: "Very little wear and tear," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "That's what the fields are for. But actually, by NCAA rules, they did have to rent the facilities both the field and the swimming pool."

ASU paid the town $313 for four hours of practice time and a half day at the pool.

"The crowds (that showed up to watch) were smaller than I anticipated, but the feedback I got from the school was that they absolutely enjoyed it," Schwind said.

Q: Who is the executive director of Payson Care Center and why did they quit having the Community Unity Jamboree? It was so much fun.

A: Ellen Stewart is the executive director, a position she's held since 1999, and the Community Unity Jamboree predates her tenure. In fact, she's never heard of it.

According to those who do remember, it was a free carnival-type event held on the grounds of Payson Care Center. But all is not lost.

"We will be having our 17th anniversary barbecue and community open house on Sept. 6, and that's open to the public," Stewart said.

The event is free, and more details will be forthcoming. Stewart also promised to do some research into the jamboree and get back to us.

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