Wildlife At Home In Forest Communities



The mountain lion has not left the area. He has been heard in Hunter Creek and seen on Apple Lane.

Ralph Christofferson said that the other day, about 2 a.m., he heard screaming sounds outside it sounded like the mountain lion had taken down another animal. It wasn't a pretty sound. Debbie Aschbrenner who owns Tall Pines Market said it came off the roof of her house one night and was drinking out of her birdbath.

So, we all need to be careful. Walk very softly and carry a big stick.

The skunks also are a problem.

Susan Ronn's dog got sprayed the other day, and Susan had to clean the dog and get the smell out of the house.

The game warden is trying to trap some of them and relocate them to another area. So far they have trapped five babies and two adults on Debbie's property. She says she can hear the traps go off about 7:30 p.m. You might want to watch your dogs around that time so they don't get sprayed.

Speaking of animals, there is a pet elk that roams around the area known as Lucky 13, as Dotty Christofferson calls him because his ear tag is number 13 and he's been pretty lucky so to speak. Lucky has a large white collar around his neck and the guests that have been staying at Wooden Nickel Cabins get to see him quite often and they all ask the same question. Does the collar means that he cannot be shot during hunting season? Well, the answer to that question is "No," it does not mean that. Unfortunately he can, but we are hoping that never happens.

The collar he wears sends a signal to the satellite every three days, so Game and Fish knows exactly were Lucky 13 is. If Lucky does get caught during hunting season they must return the collar. The collar gives Game and Fish valuable information.

Lucky is quite the handsome fellow along with being very charming as many of the animals are in Christopher Creek. We would like to keep him around a long time. He is very photogenic, and part of the community.

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