Amendment Is Necessary



I have recently signed a petition being promoted by in support of a constitutional amendment to protect the Pledge of Allegiance and our national motto. In light of what two judges in the 9th Circuit Court did in ruling the pledge unconstitutional, I feel this amendment is necessary.

I invite others to join in this effort. is seeking 10,000,000 signers. Currently over 250,000 have signed. For more information, and to sign the petition online, please visit

Be sure to contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators, asking them to co-sponsor the House bill (H.J. Res. 108) and the Senate bill (S.J. Res. 43). You can reach your congressman and both senators at (202) 224-3121.

Thank you and God Bless America!

Alana Wallace, Payson

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