How Has Sept. 11 Affected You?


Even in retrospect, it sounds like fodder for one of those "Nostradamus Predicts!" stories that regularly appear in the supermarket tabloids.

Consider how you might have reacted if, one year ago today, you read that toddlers would soon be searched for weapons at airports and body searches would be conducted at basketball games.

That everyday, water-cooler conversations would be peppered with words like burqa and "dirty bombs" and thermobaric and Kabul.

That the cellophane packages of frozen chicken livers would proclaim "United We Stand" in red, white and blue letters ... and that we would somehow be touched.

Today, of course, such formerly absurd notions don't seem even a little odd. They are among countless alterations made in the fabric of American life since the terror attacks.

"Those of us who have lived through these challenging times have been changed by them," said President Bush in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

How have we changed? Public service is still hot. Peace Corps, FBI and CIA applications are still higher than ever. Everyone is still spending more time thinking about who we value, what we value, how we spend our time, who deserves our help.

But here's what we want to know:

How have you changed? How did the events of Sept. 11 alter your life, your world view, your priorities, the things you teach your children, the things your children teach you?

The Roundup is planning a special commemorative section that will be included in our Tuesday, Sept. 10 edition. We want to include your thoughts, your memories, your stories or poems, your photographs or drawings anything that reflects the impact that Sept. 11 had on your life or the lives of your loved ones.

The deadline is Monday, Sept. 2. Please drop off your contributions marked "Sept. 11" to the Roundup office, or mail them to the Payson Roundup, P.O. Box 2520, Payson AZ 85547.

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