China's System Of Justice Works



Turn on the TV open the paper yet another child abducted, raped, beaten, murdered, vanished forever.

Child molesters running amok among us. Jive lip attorneys getting reduced sentences. Serial molesters back on the streets stalking our children over and over again.

We need to hold our elected officials accountable for the welfare and safety of our children. They need to get up off their brains and pass laws such as, strike one, you are out for good.

I think the politicians are more afraid of the bureaucrats that are protecting the human rights officials than they are of God who, like us, hold them accountable for our children. After all, are they not accountable for our justice system?

In short, the U.S. justice system in part (stinks).

China's justice system works strike one and you're history.

Dave Conway, Payson

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