Greenspoon Is Doing A Great Job


An open letter to the citizens of Payson:

I own the building at 407 W. Main (referred to as the Kaiser Garage) which was the target of a recent negative letter to the editor. Please let me set the record straight.

My primary residence is in the Valley. However, I came to Payson with every intention of making it my home. I have made a substantial investment in Payson with the purchase of the building at 407 which, by the way, was vacant and in need of serious renovation. The $10,000.00 grant that I received (which was also my money) was only the beginning. I have invested triple that amount in my own money, to say nothing of the labor I did myself.

My other business commitments have kept me away from Payson for extended periods of time and I have found it, increasingly, difficult to be here. I decided to see if anyone would lease my building and would keep with the same theme I had originally started.

Since I came to Payson about a year ago, I have seen major improvements in the Main Street area. Most people understand that this area will be a huge contributor to the economy of Payson.

What difference does it make if I lease my business? Isn't the important point that a vacant building has been restored and a potential viable business in place?

It is difficult for me to believe that there are a few people in this town who set out to destroy everything that is potentially good. I would hope that the majority of people who care about their community and care about its future would stand up to these nay-sayers and let them know that we don't care to listen to their negative voices.

I have had countless people in support of the Kaiser Garage and believe that Karen Greenspoon and the Main Street Program is doing a great job.

I just wanted you to know ...

J.D. Bell, Payson

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