What's Town Doing To Prevent Fire?



With yet another fire burning so close to home, I can't help but wonder if the town is taking any steps to clean up some of the land here in town of brush, dead trees, etc.

Shortly after the fire near the 260 and Tyler Parkway, the fire chief was on KMOG. He said the town could legally clean vacant land and bill the owners of that property. A prime example is the land behind the old Wal-Mart. What a blaze that could turn into if there was a lightning strike or a cigarette was thrown out a car window. Will we hear "we could have, we should have but, we didn't" if we are unfortunate enough to have a fire here in town?

Has the town applied for any of the federal grant money available to towns in our situation to clean up dangerous fire hazards? If not, why not?

Connie Marco, Payson

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