Main Street Should Attract Visitors



Shouldn't Main Street be attractive not only in appearance but also in business that will attract visitors as well as locals? Who's going to go to "Historic Main Street" to have their car repaired, visit a dentist, buy insurance, paint, floor covering, or see a doctor or chiropractor?

Seems like the metal craft store, many antique, gift and craft stores would be more attractive to visitors. Also western clothes, ice cream shop, kids arcade.

There has been some painting and cleaning up, but there should be one theme for the length of the historic area. Like Swiss Village, Bison Ranch or Scottsdale's 5th Avenue.

Maybe more people would agree to the incentives given to the proprietors. As it is shaping up now, we certainly would not walk Main Street by ourselves or with any tour! Ox Bow Inn is great. The gun shop next to it is probably good, but how about some incentive to the Metal Craft, Granny's Attic, The Red Door, and/or the Basket Case. They're all good gift shops and attractive to many.

Looking forward to a more positive and attractive Main Street.

Marvin Joachim, Payson

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