Nighttime Fishing Heats Up



With nighttime temperatures starting to cool off, anglers can start looking forward to some great shallow-water fishing. The temperature in shallow water tends to fluctuate more rapidly than in deep water, so fish are really drawn to the shallows during the cooler part of the day.

Be sure to get an early start because some of the best action usually occurs before most people even get on the lake.

Topwaters, spinnerbaits and shallow running crankbaits are all great tools for targeting bass in the shallow-depth zone. Colors like white and silver that resemble the baitfish are usually best.

Lake reports

Apache: Fishing is fair. Fishing for smallmouth bass is your best bet for action. Small crawdad cranks and tube lures are a good choice. There has also been some action on topwater lures where fish are boiling on shad. Catfishing has been good with live bait for flatheads after dark.

Bartlett: Fishing is good. Topwater fishing with Ricos has been good in the mainlake basin where you find clear water. Westy Worms and Yamamoto jigs are hard to beat at night and during the middle of the day.

Pleasant: Fishing is slow. Texas-rigged six-inch straight tail worms are your best bet for bass. Catfishing is the best thing going. Many flathead and channel catfish have been roaming shallow water after dark.

Roosevelt: Fishing is excellent. Six-inch worms in purple, brown and green have been working well fished Texas-style with 1/4 to 5/8 ounce weights. There is also some topwater action with Ricos if you hit it right. Several anglers reported catfishing has been excellent catching as many as 20 cats per night.

Saguaro: Fishing is fair. Yellow bass are really biting well. Try fishing small spoons and tailspinners. Some largemouth have been caught on Texas-rigged worms in red, brown of purple. For walleye, try firetiger crankbaits in the late evening.

Cliff's Tip of the Week

When fish start moving into shallow water they often disturb the surface while chasing food. That's why it pays to watch and listen for any clues that might direct your next cast.

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Northern Arizona waters

Note: Perkins Tank has been drained to remove the green sunfish.

Kaibab: Trout fishing is slow. Catfishing is fair. Campground and lake are open.

Cataract: Campground and lake are open. Some nice channel catfish are being caught.

Dogtown: Water level is extremely low. Has not been stocked this year.

Whitehorse: Water level is extremely low. Has not been stocked this year.

JD Dam: Fishing is slow.

Santa Fe: Water level is extremely low. Has not been stocked this year.

Flagstaff lakes

Lower Lake Mary: Lake is dry.

Upper Lake Mary: Catfishing is good.

Ashurst: Stocked recently. Fishing is good. Try worms, corn or Power Bait.

Kinnikinick: Stocked recently. Try worms, corn or Power Bait.

Oak Creek: Good for rainbows. Fair for browns. Try Power Bait, corn or worms.

Long: Trout fishing is fair. Catfishing is good. Try chicken liver or worms.

Soldiers and Soldiers Annex: No report.

Beaver Creek: No report.

West Clear Creek: No report.

Blue Ridge: Trout fishing is excellent. Power Bait in any color is popular.

Knoll: Fishing is excellent. Try corn, Power Bait or worms. Launching a boat is difficult from a boat trailer. The ramp is approximately 30 feet out of the water.

Northeastern Arizona

Note To Anglers: Stream water levels are low on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, so fishing should be fair to good. Trout have been stocked on the West and East forks of the Black River and the Little Colorado River at Greer. Also, some forest closures are in effect on burn areas of the forest until further notice.

Becker: Fishing is fair and anglers should try a variety of baits such as worms, Power Bait, small lures and flies.

Big Lake: Has been stocked. Fishing is fair. Popular baits include worms, Power Bait, lures such as Z-Rays, Rapalas, and Panther Martin spinners. Also try flies such as wooly worms and peacock ladies. Try fishing during the cooler parts of the day, early in the morning and late in the evening.

Concho: Bag limits on rainbow trout are removed due to deteriorating water quality conditions. Fishing is poor to fair for trout. Baits such as worms and Power Bait are effective. Wooly worms in black, or brown colors are effective when fished with a casting bubble. Some parts of the lake are weedy so fish near open water.

Crescent: Fishing is fair. Bag limits on trout are removed due to deteriorating water quality. Anglers should try worms and Power Bait. A small boat or float tube should be effective for anglers fishing the open water areas of the lake.

Fool Hollow: Trout fishing is fair near the west boat ramp cove. Try Power Bait and worms. Use prepared baits for channel catfish. Boat anglers should cast or troll lures such as crankbaits, jigs, and Rapalas near rocky areas such as the dam and the northeast area of the lake. This lake also has smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye.

Greer: Fishing is fair at River Reservoir and Bunch Reservoir. Tunnel Reservoir has been very low. Bag limits on rainbow trout have been removed due to deteriorating water quality conditions. Anglers fishing the Greer Lakes should try worms or Power Bait, small lures such as Z-Rays, Panther Martin spinners, and Rapalas or flies such as wooly worms and peacock ladies.

Hulsey: Fishing is fair. Use worms, Power Bait, small lures and flies. Fish early in the morning and late in the evening.

Lee Valley Reservoir: Fishing is poor to fair. Use small flies such as peacock ladies, bead head nymphs, and hare's ear nymphs. The lake is very low, weedy, and is experiencing an algae bloom.

Luna: This lake experienced a bad fish kill. Fishing is poor to fair. Use worms and Power Bait. Small lures and flies are also effective for trout. Fish early in the morning and late in the evening.

Lyman: Fishing is fair. Try fishing near rocky outcroppings early in the morning and in the evening hours. Try using worms, Power Bait, crankbaits, Rapalas, or jigs. Carp, sunfish, and catfish can be caught on worms in the shallow areas. There is a store concession with boat rentals available.

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