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Q: Who owns the horse that Payson Mayor Ken Murphy rode in the rodeo parade? It sure was pretty.

A: Payson's cowboy mayor was aboard Champ. "That is Lori Foss' horse. She's 22 and she's just a sweetheart," Murphy said.

Q: The Latin American Club of Payson recently tried to hold a dinner dance at Rumsey Park to raise money for a scholarship fund. But due to a screw-up by the parks and health departments, which did not alert these people to the proper procedures about bringing food to the ramada and charging for it, the event had to be cancelled. What's going on?

A: The Town of Payson Parks Department referred us to Svanna Jones, environmental health specialist for the Gila County Health Department, who said, "That's not the way it happened."

"People have to come to us when they're selling or giving away food," Jones said. "They did not contact me regarding selling the food. I found out when I saw it in the paper. I contacted them and told them they had to get a special event permit like everyone else."

Requirements include a tent with flooring if the event is held on grass or dirt, hand-washing facilities, and the food must be cooked on site or in a permitted kitchen. Food that is sold or given to the public cannot be cooked in a home.

"Make sure it doesn't sound like I was mean to these people," Jones said. "I was very helpful to them. I went over to their home. I went over it with them. They just felt it was too much to go through."

Q: I used to be somewhat of a fan of Mike McClary Alexander's digital graffiti bulletin board. It was often amusing to watch this man argue with himself. Lately, though, it's turned into a board with nothing but copied articles from news sources. Every time I've tried to post a message asking what happened to the site, he deletes it. Can you find out what happened?

A: Alexander says he's mystified by the question, because as far as he knows all is well with his site.

"It's there. It's open. There's no password required to make a post," he said. "No one has inquired to me about a problem, and as recently as 15 minutes ago it was up and running."

Alexander admits that his site is now mostly made up of copied articles.

"That's what its gotten down to," he said. "We have two or three people who contribute to it and as far as I can tell, that's about it."

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