25 Bikes Assembled In 8 Hours


Twenty-five unsuspecting Rim country children will receive 25 shiny, brand-new bicycles this Christmas, thanks to the combined effort of several local business owners, community volunteers, the Payson Police Department and the employees of Chapman Auto Center, who assembled each and every bike during a single eight-hour shift Friday.

“The Payson Police Department normally put them together, but this year they were short on manpower and having a hard time getting them done,” said Bob Kragerud, Chapman’s parts and service director.

“They came in and talked to our general manager, Buck Rogers, and he just said, ‘Bring ’em over.’”

The effort required a full day’s work for four employees including service consultant Dion Lloyd and warranty manager Harry Cronk and part-time work for just about every other Chapman employee.

“Fortunately, they have one man here who is a professional BMX bike rider, and he’s been an excellent source of knowledge for putting these together,” said John Martell, one of the organizers of the project. “But the real thanks belongs to Chapman (Auto Center), because they stepped up and just offered free reign to get this done ...”

Fifteen of the bikes were donated by local businessman Jeff Sievert. The rest came from the Payson Police Department and its volunteers, Martell said.

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