Finding Neighbors Thousands Of Miles Down The Road


It really is a small world, and there’s evidence of that right here in the Rim country.

This summer Payson’s Harold Snyder and his wife made a long-planned trip to Alaska with their SUV and Hi-Lo Trailer. Pine’s Bill Gurney and his wife made the same trip, leading 36 members of the Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club on a 50-day caravan.


The drive through Alaska, from Glennalan to Valdez, is the most beautiful Harold Snyder has ever seen. He said he has been all over the world and never seen anything like it. Glaciers come right down to the road.

The two couples ended up in the same RV park the same night in Tok, Alaska, parked end to end.

While Gurney was making a Holiday Rambler club trek, Snyder, a member of the Good Sam’s since 1986, used that group’s route planning service, and took 10 days to get to Anchorage.

As for the roads, most were good, he said here was only about 100 miles of it under construction. While 100 miles of road under construction sounds like a rough trip at first, compared to the 8,846 miles the Snyders traveled, it was a drop in a pothole.

Snyder had been in Alaska before, as had Gurney. While serving in and after retiring from the military, Snyder made three hunting expeditions to Alaska from McCord Air Force Base.

“I’ve been all over the world, but nothing is more beautiful than this drive,” Snyder said. “Between Glennalan to Valdez was the most beautiful part of it. Glaciers came right down to the road and you can just pull off the road and take pictures of Bridal Falls,” he said.

In spite of running into a neighbor from Pine, Snyder said you could drive 50 miles before seeing another vehicle, and 100 miles before you saw a house.

The trip took Snyder and his wife, Shirley, 40 days, with long visits with family and extended stays along the way.

“I would encourage anyone who likes to drive to take this trip. I’d do it again,” Snyder said.

Gurney won’t be doing it again. This summer’s trip to Alaska was his third time to visit.

“That’s a long trip,” he said.

He has been a member of the Holiday Rambler club since 1973.

The group he led up to Alaska mostly consisted of members from the east coast, he said.

Gurney met Snyder his first night in Alaska.

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