Holiday Etiquette



It’s that wonderful but busy time of year again. It’s also the time to feel guilty about taking shortcuts in preparing for the big event. Let me put you at ease regarding holiday cards.

All the advice in the past has been that it is not proper to send a form letter with your cards. This rule of etiquette started back in the ‘50s. This was back when the economy was such that only one spouse had to work in order to keep the household going. That left the other spouse with time to write the 100 personal letters each year. One hundred cards is the going average in today’s count.

Feel at east to send form letters, with the joyful news of events of the past year. You can include personal notes to certain individuals, to ease the shock when form letters start showing up with their Christmas cards. Take time to enjoy the holidays. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the umpteenth time. I will.

Shirley Brill, Payson

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